Connecting to Mission Blue and beyond: Henoko-Oura Bay Coastal Waters is a "HOPE SPOT"

Amidst the Japanese government's relentless push to build a new U.S. military base at Henoko-Oura Bay, international support for Okinawa's fight to protect the precious environment has been growing.
Mission Blue, a respected U.S. based NGO, has just designated the Henoko-Oura Bay Coastal Waters as a "Hope Spot."  Mission Blue has confirmed that this area is a special place on par with other natural wonders and Hope Spots around the world. It has also demonstrated that our fight to protect is worthwhile.  The message from Dr. Sylvia Earle, a renown marine biologist spearheading Mission Blue, is a great encouragement to those of us who want to protect the environment of Henoko-Oura Bay. 

Dr. Sylvia Earle delivers her congratulation message
Source: Mission Blue

Meanwhile, the World Beyond War, a global peace movement to end all wars, has joined the celebration of this great news by inviting the Okinawa Environmental Justice Project to write an article about this new Hope Spot at the WBW's website.  Its invitation was a pleasant surprise, and it was also a confirmation of our stance that the environment, human rights, and peace are all connected.
As an NGO that submitted an endorsement letter for the nomination of the area as a Hope Spot, we wholeheartedly welcome and rejoice both Mission Blue's decision and WBW's invitation.
Many of us in Okinawa are determined to make the Henoko-Oura Bay Coastal Waters a true place of Hope, wishing to inspire other people to fight for their environment, human rights, and peace. 

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